Guaraná Herbarium

Paullinia cupana
45 capsules
The daily serving of Guarana Herbarium provides 165 mg of caffeine.
GLUTEN-FREE. MS: 4,8697.0013.
The Ministry of Health warns: there is no scientific evidence that this food prevents, treats or cures diseases.
Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and people with illnesses should consult their doctor or nutritionist before consuming this product.

Paullinia cupana | The fruits are red in color and, to a lesser extent, orange and yellow. When ripe they partially open, revealing 1 to 3 dark brown seeds, with the lower half covered by a thick white aril, making it look like an eye. The harvest is carried out at this stage, so that the husk does not open completely, preventing the seeds from falling. The guarana fruit must be pulped and roasted for sale. The Brazilian production of guaraná is practically all consumed in the domestic market.¹

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