People and management

In line with our mission, vision and values, our HR team aims to create and maintain a healthy organizational climate to attract, develop and motivate our employees.

In this sense, we constantly strive for quality, not only in products, but especially in the workplace, giving respect in internal and external relationships.

Responsibility to people and commitment to the least impact on the planet.

We are GPTW

Herbarium works to improve health, provide well-being and inspire people to live healthier lives. This is our DNA. That is why we come every day to work. However, nobody promotes health without being healthy. It is impossible to inspire when we are not inspired. Being certified by GPTW as an excellent place to work reinforces that we are on the right path. This achievement belongs to all our employees, whom we affectionately call Herbarians, and who are players of change, working daily so that our organizational climate is differentiated, welcoming and inspiring.

HWAVE Internship Program

HWAVE is our Internship Program. It aims to develop young talents with Herbarium DNA, bringing innovation and consolidating our culture. It is aimed at young people who think in an innovative way, who are flexible and engaged, passionate about well-being and nature and focused on results.
The Program is based on the 70, 20, 10 methodology, that is, it will be 70% doing (getting hands dirty!!), 20% sharing (exchange of knowledge and mentoring) and 10% knowing (courses and training), interns have a learning path divided into seven stages that aims to develop skills for future professionals.

Prevention actions against Covid-19

The pandemic reinforced our commitment to care for the health and well-being of all our employees. Check out some of the actions carried out by Herbarium during this period:

  • Telephone assistance for family members and employees suspected and/or infected by the vírus;
  • Adaptation of equipment and systems for remote work;
  • Changing the work model from office to home office;
  • Open and Distance Learning (ODL) training application for Sales Force;
  • In-person medical assistance twice a week at the company’s premises in Colombo;
  • Free Online Psychological Care;
  • Care and prevention booklet to Covid-19. There have also been the purchase and distribution of more than 250 oximeters, considering the importance of monitoring oxygen levels for employees with suspected or confirmed cases of the disease, as it is a very important index for Covid-19. Herbarium was a pioneer in the inclusion of this care, which today is recognized and guided by the World Health Organization (WHO), but which has been practiced by our company since last year;
  • Hiring exclusive transport for commuters;
  • Distribution of masks;
  • Limitation and signaling of space in food areas;
  • Collective meditation through an online group;
  • Changes in work schedules to avoid crowding;
  • Production of alcohol gel for donation and for use by employees;
  • Special Ombudsman Program for the time of pandemic;
  • Reduction in the prices of respiratory health products in the exclusive store for employees;
  • Substitution of buffet for prepared dishes;
  • Suspension of field activities and travel;
  • Videos with physical and mental activities for employees.

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