Our mission is to harmonize nature and technology through natural products with pharmaceutical quality to improve health, provide well-being and inspire people to a healthier life. We always pursue to add partnerships and support that are in line with our philosophy.

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Conscious Capitalism


                                                                                                                                              Conscious Capitalism is a global movement that originated in the United States and aims to raise awareness among leaders of business practices based on generating value for all stakeholders.

Post-Graduation in Phytotherapy in Clinical Practice at the Brazilian Association of Phytotherapy (ABFIT)

Founded in 1998, the Brazilian Association of Phytotherapy (ABFIT) is a non-profit, technical-scientific, non-partisan civil association, made up of individuals and legal entities, dedicated to the technological and scientific development of processes and procedures related to utilization of medicinal plants, with conservation of Brazilian biodiversity and preservation of traditional cultures of native peoples, headquartered in and under the jurisdiction of the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Eu Sou Arte (Fiscal Incentive Law)

Eu Sou Arte is an art-education project whose main objective is, through art, to reinforce the identity of children and adolescents who are daily exposed to violence, prejudice and social invisibility. The Project has been running since 2016 in Tijuquinha, west of Rio de Janeiro, and assists children from various communities in the region.

Thematic Collection of Medicinal Plants from the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro

The Thematic Collection of Medicinal Plants is a space that brings together specimens of native and exotic species organized to introduce visitors to the different knowledge and perspectives on these plants and the history of their use by different cultures. 
Rio de Janeiro´s Botanical Garden is famous for the exuberance and importance of its plant collections, as well as the beauty of its landscapes. Its bicentennial history is expressed in its monuments, buildings and works of art.

Brazilian Academic Consortium for Integrative Health (CABSIN)

The Brazilian Academic Consortium for Integrative Health (CABSIN) is a network of reference researchers in Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine (MTCI). The non-profit social organization offers access to content, research, news, methodologies, events, connections and opportunities that are respected nationally and internationally for their scope, qualifications and innovation.