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Herbage Hair & Nails is a food supplement with vitamins A, C, E, biotin, complex B, zinc, magnesium and iron in coated tablets.

Herbage Hair and Nails

Anti-Signal Facial Serum with Rosehip Oil. It reduces wrinkles and blemishes, has a lift tensor effect (increases the skin's firmness) and provides a nourished, renewed and illuminated appearance.

Musquée Sérum Facial

The formulation's differential is the presence of a complex of nourishing vegetable oils (macadamia, monoi and quinoa), which hydrate and enhance the skin's natural glow, leaving it more luminous.

Musquée Body Oil

Musquée Balm Labial contains ingredients responsible for hydration, regeneration, nutrition and smoothness of the lips.

Musquée Balm Lip

Musquée Moisturizing Deodorant Hand Cream provides a more nourished, refreshed and lightened appearance to hands and cuticles.

Musquée Hand Cream

Ginkgo biloba 120mg | 30 pills

Tebonin 120mg

Ginkgo biloba 80mg | 30 pills

Tebonin 80mg

Bacopa Monnieri | 60 pills


Centella asiatica 66 mg | 45 hard capsules

Centella Herbarium

COLICALIV – Matricaria chamomilla 4CH 0.25 mL/mL, Mentha piperita 6CH 0.25 mL/mL, Magnesia phosphorica 5CH 0.25 mL/mL, Colocynthis 6CH 0.25 mL/mL.


Pelargonium sidoides DC. 20 ml

Kaloba 20 mL

Pelargonium sidoides DC. 50 ml

Kaloba 50 mL

Pelargonium sidoides DC. 21 pills

Kaloba 21 pills

Pelargonium sidoides 307.39 mg/mL

Imunoflan Zero

HEDERA HERBARIUM – Hedera helix L. 7 mg/ml.

Hedera Herbarium

Mixed Tea - White Tea, Sweet Orange and Jasmine