Get to know Herbarium

We are a benchmark pharmaceutical laboratory in Phytomedicine in Brazil. Our product line consists of traditional herbal medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics and ethical phytomedicines, with efficacy validated by several scientific studies and recognized for their excellence.

Our mission

Harmonize nature and technology through pharmaceutical-quality natural products to improve health, provide well-being and inspire people to lead a healthier life.

Our values


We understand that customers are the raison d’être of our business, so we seek to satisfy and surprise them whenever possible.


We seek the best results respecting the norms and ethical limits. We recognize and value the best performances and teamwork.

Our way

We have an innovative mindset, attitude and willingness to face challenges. We are productive and seek to maximize our resources while respecting the community and the environment.

Healthy habits

We understand the importance of habits that keep us healthy in body and mind. That’s why we practice and encourage everyone to do the same.


We are proud of what we do. We encourage an open, transparent environment of intense professional and personal development. We promote a collaborative, Diverse and Inclusive organizational climate.


We put quality first in everything we do, adopting solutions with consistency and content. We manage risk and seek constant improvement.

Science and Nature

We value scientific as well as traditional and practical knowledge, keeping an open mind and flexible attitude.

High quality standard

Since 1985 in the pharmaceutical market, we have the highest quality and scientific standard for the development of our products, resulting in safe and effective medicines, with standardized composition and strict quality control from raw material selection to final product.

Phytomedicine Reference

We are proud to be a Brazilian company present in the daily life of Brazilians for over 30 years.

Innovation is present in our DNA. And we are committed to bring to the Brazilian market, the great news of herbal medicine worldwide, maintaining a constant search for new products originating from the Brazilian flora.

As a result of this philosophy, we have developed the world’s first herbal medicine for the treatment of herpes based on a Brazilian plant (Uncaria tomentosa): Imunomax.


Our industrial plant is located in Colombo, Curitiba’s metropolitan region and follows the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.

We are reference in the manufacture of natural products with pharmaceutical quality. The technologies used are in accordance with the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which aim to combat and prevent microbiological, physical, chemical and cross contamination in the manufacture of drugs, acting from the careful qualification of our suppliers, through all processing steps until delivery of the product to the consumer.

The manufacturing of the products follows standardized scripts, which are validated and monitored daily by a rigorously trained team.

The Quality Control Laboratory has a specialized team, modern equipment, such as liquid and gas chromatographs (HPLC and GC), and validated methods for analysis of raw materials, intermediates and finished products.

Always aligned with our mission and values, we constantly seek improvement opportunities to innovate and improve our processes in order to interact in a sustainable way with the environment with Herbarium herbal quality.

Our vision

To be recognized worldwide as a reference brand and business group in herbal medicines and natural products for health and well-being.