Mixed Tea – Green Tea, Lemon and Royal Spices
15 sachets
Euphoria, which in Latin means euphoria, is an exotic and intense tea that can be prepared with water or milk. With a predominance of citrus flavor, the royal spices leave their exotic, warm and stimulating notes.
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Exclusive blend
Can be consumed with water or milk
Perfect for days with mild temperatures
15 sachets
GLUTEN-FREE. Product exempted from mandatory registration – Resolution RDC 27/2010.

Green tea is one of the types of teas that derive from Camellia sinensis and is widely produced and consumed by oriental people. Camellia sinensis is a species of the Theaceae family, also known as Indian tea. Today, green tea has great visibility and popularity around the world, especially due to its properties and its actions in the body. Green tea is consumed pure and also associated with spices. A curious practice used for blending with spices is the possibility of preparing this tea with milk (animal or vegetable), which gives the drink an even more special touch.