Mixed Tea – Boldo, Carqueja, Grass Cidreira, Mint, Fennel and Chamomile
15 sachets
Laevis, which in Latin means light, is the union of classic herbs with astringent notes, with a special touch
Sweet from floral chamomile chapters.
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Exclusive blend
Perfect for relaxing moments
Can be consumed hot or cold
15 sachets
GLUTEN-FREE. Product exempted from mandatory registration – Resolution RDC 27/2010.

Boldo, belonging to the Monimiaceae family and originating from the Chilean Andes, is also called Boldo-do-Chile. Boldo is recognized for its more bitter aromatic profile, which naturally activates salivary secretion. To enjoy the many known properties of Boldo, the leaves are used in the form of tea, tincture or extracts. The consumption of Boldo stands out for its actions on the digestive system as it stimulates the release of bile, facilitating the digestion of fats and regulating hepatobiliary functions.