Mixed Tea – Hibiscus, Wild Rose, Apple, Chamomile and Strawberry
15 sachets
Mollitia, which in Latin means delight, is a tea whose composition allows it to be served hot or iced. Its aromas mix delicate notes from Wild Rose with refreshing notes of Hibiscus and sweet Strawberry.
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Exclusive blend
Perfect for relaxing moments
For hot or cold consumption
15 sachets
GLUTEN-FREE. Product exempted from mandatory registration – Resolution RDC 27/2010.

The Hibiscus has about 300 species, from the Malvaceae family, whose flowers and foliage are exuberant and with a great variety of shapes and colors.
In Brazil, the most common type is the Hibiscus Rosasinensis, which blooms all year round and has flowers that last a maximum of 24 hours.
Hibiscus is widely consumed in the form of tea, mainly associated with other flavors such as Apple, Chamomile and Strawberry.