500 mg of Calcium – 100 IU of Vitamin D
60 chewable tablets
Supplement with 500mg of Calcium and 100UI of Vitamin D.
Zero added sugar
No dyes
2 tablets = 100 of the IDR*
caramel flavor

DOES NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN – Product exempted from mandatory registration – Resolution RDC 27/2010.

*Percentage of Daily Values ​​based on a 2000 kcal or 8400 kJ diet.
Your daily values ​​can be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.
Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children up to 3 (three) years old should only consume this product under the guidance of a nutritionist or doctor.

Calcium | Most patients do not ingest the recommended amounts, therefore,
receive supplementation with some form of calcium. Calcium supplementation must respect
the characteristics of each patient and the selection of the salt should be based on the simplicity of administration
and on the elemental calcium content of the salt. Calcium carbonate is the salt with the highest amount
elemental calcium available and is suitable for the majority of the population.