Schwabe and Herbarium to launch a new pharmaceutical company in Brazil

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With the proposal to promote health and well-being to all Brazilians, through natural products, Herbarium – the leading Brazilian industry and reference in Brazil in herbal medicines – combines its know-how with that of the Schwabe Group – the leading European industry and world reference in herbal medicines – and announces a Joint Venture for the launch of a new pharmaceutical company in Brazil. Planned for 2024, SCHWABE-HERBARIUM will be born with a portfolio of consecrated products and leaders in their categories.

Initially, the new pharmaceutical company will focus on the treatment of cough, cold and mental health, with brands already recognized in the market and which are presently part of Herbarium Laboratory portfolio: Kaloba®, Imunoflan®, Cognitus® and Tebonin®.

Currently, Brazil is the second most important market in the world for the Kaloba® brand, which will be one of the products in the SCHWABE-HERBARIUM portfolio. “In the near future, the Brazilian pharmaceutical market is expected to develop into one of the TOP 6 in the world,” says Peter Braun, Executive Vice President of International Markets at Schwabe Group.

With this expectation, the Schwabe Group, based in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany, with annual global sales in excess of € 950 million, aims to bring some of its herbal medicines already present in other markets to Brazil as well as launch new products from its pipeline.

Herbarium, with the new company, will consolidate even more as the largest manufacturer and reference in herbal products in Brazil. SCHWABE-HERBARIUM will integrate the Herbarium Business Ecosystem platform, which includes manufacturing, laboratories, back-offices, logistics, commercial and medical promotion.

Herbarium already operates within its Business Ecosystem a JV focused on product development and licensing, Phytera, with the also German Martin-Bauer. Similarly, the new partnership will take place only at SCHWABE-HERBARIUM, keeping Herbarium Botanical Laboratory unchanged.

“Brazil is a country with strong growth potential, especially in the segment of natural products for health and well-being. Since 1985 we are combining the best of nature with technology and delivering natural products of the highest quality to Brazilians. Schwabe has been doing the same since 1866. With this partnership that will give life to a new pharmaceutical company, we will bring to Brazil a world-class institution in phytotherapy. And expand the range of treatment options for the medical class, uniting the expertise of two references of the herbal sector”, celebrates Marcelo Geraldi, President of Herbarium.

According to Peter Braun, the increase in demand for natural health solutions, which is the main competence of Herbarium and Schwabe, is notorious. “The Brazilian pharmaceutical market is opening up more and more to medicines of natural origin and Herbarium is a reference partner not only in the knowledge of the Brazilian market, but also in the regulatory environment, due to all its technical know-how”, adds the executive.

SCHWABE-HERBARIUM will have its own management, formed by executives who will report to a Board appointed by the 2 pharmaceutical companies. Its head office will be located in the Herbarium Industrial Eco-site but will also have offices in Rio de Janeiro.

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